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Thursday, July 29, 2010


my guess right! I wonder who is so psyco. appearance-apparently he is a person that I know very much. you would like to know? Jeng Jeng Jeng. he is the person I love. name amirul. heee. but he was good at acting. from the beginning I did not know Who Is possibly the psyco. in a few days later I remembered all the way ami message me. and I began to suspect that was ami. but I can not argue him anything because i has no strong evidence. moreover, if I tell a story about the psyco t, he must be angry with that guy and he faces serious only. that was I lost confidence in saying that he was psyco. How do I know that he is a psyco? Just now, when they want to make a surprise to me. Psyco wanted to see me at the food court in Ipoh Parade. with feelings of fear, I went with Nina. I noticed when arriving, no one is suspicious me. I just saw people that I love. And I get a message that enrich the psyco wear black. But no one wear black in there except for him, which I love. that mean the psyco is my love, plus he has held handfone and towards me while smiling. He purchased a new number just to disturb me to make a surprise for me. That is the true story of psyco @ amiku sayang.


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