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Saturday, September 25, 2010

life is difference


I really want to express what I feel now. I feel like the proud do not get along and kind of spacing. Why? I do not know. I can feel that other people are happy all this while. yes, indeed I was happy but different. I'm happy to have friends living there is kind of happened like that perfect. but not quite perfect as everyone else. I have no freedom, I can not feel happy with friends, I can not go out with friends. yeah! This is a fact of life to me. I live in the bark.

but why ? I can feel that there are people like me in the bark. but not so tight that not shackled to freedom, not to make friends.I feel like ostracized by friends and people I love now. why do I say this? Because ... I can not attend a dinner with friends. not just ordinary meal but a feast for my class. they all go have fun with, hang out together, go Chepor, maybe bowling and I do not know what they are being passed along. 

 must feel good to right along any friends. hurmm ... never mind. this is my life, what else should I do. must comply with parental directives. and I hope that they are very very excited now. my heart is very sad not to be with them. especially with people I love today. Dear Ami, Ami, I hope enjoy this day with them. unfortunately do not have to think I'm here, I was always like this. no freedom.



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